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By The River

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Do you have a place you go to escape the hustle and bustle of life, which gives you a sense of peace and calmness where your mind is instantly at peace? A place that instantly transports your mind to the present moment?...

By The River is a soap created for that special place. My husband & I always talk about escaping to the river. Our home By The River where we are at one with nature.

This soap is minty, refreshing & cleansing. With skin calming peppermint oil, peppermint leaves, green clay & activated charcoal. Topped with cinnamon myrtle.

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Ingredients: saponified NE grown olive oil, coconut oil & shea butter. Green clay, activated charcoal, peppermint leaves & cinnamon myrtle. Essential oils of lemon myrtle, bush balm mint & peppermint.

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Lady Myrtle soaps are cold processed, meaning once they are cut to size they must cure for 4 to 6 weeks before they are ready for use. Each bar is hand cut to minimum 110gm. As we only use natural, non synthetic ingredients this can cause slight differences between each batch of soap.