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Salty Bath Soak - Australian

$11.50 - $27.00
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With 2 size options to choose from 80g or 250g
Immerse yourself in an abundance of minerals contained within dead sea salt, epsom & himalayan salts. Surround yourself with the silky lux of coconut milk powder plus soothing lemon myrtle flakes & botanicals.
Refresh your mind with notes of lemon myrtle & peppermint essential oils while sinking into the tub, whisking away your aches & pains.

Key Ingredients.....

Dead Sea Salt
Elevate self care to the next level with this mineral rich ingredient. Bursting with calcium, potassium, magnesium & bromide. Encouraging new cell rejuvenation, while cleansing & detoxing the body. Dead sea salt has been used for thousands of years to assist with restoring a healthy balance within. This super powered ingredient can sooth sore muscles, easing pain & cramps, reduce swelling & joint stiffness. Also aiding in reducing stress & anxiety.

Himalayan Salt
The salty trio! This pink beauty can flush out toxins, reduce bloating & stimulate circulation. Himalayan salt restores skin hydration. Also contains trace minerals & nutrients including calcium, potassium & magnesium.

Lemon Myrtle
Containing high anti-inflammatory properties. Can aid in soothing skin conditions such as acne & psoriasis. Plus refreshing notes to clear your senses & mind.

Coconut Milk Powder
Immerse yourself in luxury. Coconut milk powder can leave your skin feeling moisturised & high in vitamin C & E. Your skin deserves it!

Load the kids up with snacks & drawing/TV (I don't judge), run the bath, add 1/4 cup then soak for minimum 10 minutes to feel the magic.
Packaged in a recycled PET jar for your safety in wet areas.

Dead sea salt, epson salt, himalayan salt, coconut milk powder, lemon myrtle flakes, camomile flowers, essential oils of lemon myrtle & peppermint.

As always, please test product on your skin.